Cycle-90° "Time and Space"
h990×w713×d713 (cm)
Yilan Science Park
Yilan Taiwan

This piece of art is titled "Time and Space" which illustrates the contrast and connections between the past and the future. Here we may divide the work into two parts where the supportive column is connected to the land's historical memories and the pair of wings is flying to the future. The supportive column is not just a connection to the past; it also symbolizes a runway that leads to the sky where a tower is sitting on the top. Additionally, we intentionally used surface textures to show historical scars left by the wars. The pair of wings that represent the future are made using stainless steel with a mirror finish. This piece presents the wings' flapping against the wind where it flies in the air bathed in its blazing shining glory. The details of the wings are modeled after the antenna. We hope our antennae may broadcast the good news to the world when the developed products take off from the base.
This place once was the runway of Yilan's Southern Airport. Past and future co-exist on this land. This piece of art, placed here as a symbol of time and space, shall be able to soar into the sky taking off from this newly established innovative base. 
As a result, the "Time and Space" is like a miniaturized Yilan Science Park where it works following the laws of science with a touch of high-tech. This art shall thrive in Yilan's history-embedded lands where it may carry Taiwan to a flight into the world's future.

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Cycle-90°"Turning the Ring of Futurel"

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