Cycle-90°"a premonition of wind"XIV
h880×w360×d550 (cm)
Hsinchu Sience Park Bureau. Ministry
Hsinchu / Taiwan

  Cycle-90° "a premonition of wind" XIV is a three-dimensional sculpture that moves naturally. Its moving parts are powered by wind and create ever-changing visual effects. Wind is one of the main agencies of seed dispersal in the natural world. it helps the plants disperse their seeds, and finding soils suitable to take roots, blossoms and fruits. This work, freely frolicking in the wind, represents the Biomedical Science and Technology with its Product R&D Center as a human-made landscape. The seeds produced on this land are, namely, the professional knowledge which integrates biological and medical sciences. Through wind dispersal, these seeds are scattered over different fields, thriving and flourishing thereafter, co-existing with nature in all kinds, and shaping a scene of beautiful life to benefit people. Cycle-90° "a premonition of wind" XIV, combining life, art, science and technology, stands for the act (or process) of dispersing, and its kaleidoscopic movements intermingle with the emotions of the viewers.

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Cycle-90°"Turning the Ring of Futurel"

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