Cycle-90°"a premonition of wind"XIII
h810×w535×d535 (cm)
Taiwan power Company
Taichun Taiwan

The Energy of The Wind (Cycle-90° a premonition of the wind XIII) is a wind-driven kinetic sculpture piece. The cylinder is made of stainless steel with a polyurethane coating in red. Its inspiration comes from those closely-joint together telegraph poles in hills; the shape of titanium metal body in upper part is like windmills. Furthermore, because the material is so light that it could easily inter-react with natural winds passing through. The five individual wings move freely in winds while the bearing on top of cylinder will also drive the windmill of upper part into a 360° horizontal rotation, which all increase more visual pleasure and expression. This piece symbolizes the fact that Taiwan Power Company has been affirmatively looking for diverse power resources as well as constantly adopting advanced skills and materials in terms of technological development.

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Cycle-90°"Turning the Ring of Futurel"

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