wind driven

Cycle-90°"a premonition of wind"IX

National Changhua University of Educatio
-Changhua / Tawan-

Wind has the power to move sand, shape the earth, influence population movements and guide the creation of culture.Wind is a natural medium and an element that enriches the human soul, connecting many objects and knowledge. But “wind” cannot be seen. The wind that makes the grasslands sway is cool and refreshing, the wind that rattles the bamboo forests is unsettling and the bitter cold wind that resides in urban landscapes is imbued with a sense of loneliness.Human sensibilities and creativity are enhanced by the wind.
A light breeze ensure this piece revolves non-stop, constantly conveying messages from the wind. This work seeks to promote National Changhua University as a place that shapes the human spirit.


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Cycle-90°"a premonition of wind"IX Cycle-90°"a premonition of wind"IX

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