Cycle-90° " The Wings"
h588×w372×d372 (cm)
National Central University
Taoyuan Taiwan

We access nature, study nature, challenge nature and healed by nature. In this infinite loop, we progress step-by-step. Nature is full of geometric elements. Snow crystals, hexagonal beehive units, and spherical bubbles are most optimized forms for their places in nature. This piece of art tries to figure out the directions of the wind flow using wind-driven naturallyinspired geometric shapes. We hope it can help us create deeper dialogue and reflections between art and science.
This place once was the runway of Yilan's Southern Airport. Past and future co-exist on this land. This piece of art, placed here as a symbol of time and space, shall be able to soar into the sky taking off from this newly established innovative base. 
As a result, the "Time and Space" is like a miniaturized Yilan Science Park where it works following the laws of science with a touch of high-tech. This art shall thrive in Yilan's history-embedded lands where it may carry Taiwan to a flight into the world's future.

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Cycle-90°"Turning the Ring of Futurel"

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