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Cycle-90°"Turning the Ring of Futurel "

Industrial Tecnology Research Institute

Since ancient times, winds have shaped the earth’s landscape and influenced the migration patterns of humans, leading to the formation of culture and civilization. Though invisible to our eyes, the existence of wind can be confirmed through various observations: the drifting of clouds, the swaying of flowers and leaves, and even cool breezes that cause us to feel cold... This artwork is also driven by the wind. Viewers are able to see two rings each composed of a different construct. As wind blows, the rings move towards each other, at times, and away from one another, at other times. This enables viewers to witness the existence of wind. Driven by the wind, “the ring of wisdom” and “the ring of sensibility” captures signals from nature to indicate its future directions. This serves as a reflection of the cutting-edge research environment at Industrial Technology Research Institute.

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Cycle-90°"Turning the Ring of Futurel" Cycle-90°"Turning the Ring of Futurel"

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