wind driven

Cycle-90 "Air Stream "

Iwatani Corporation
Amagasaki Hyougo Pre / Japan

This work uses gthe movement of windh to create motion. We usually experience the invisible flow of air as the sound of rustling branches in a forest, floating clouds and ripples in water. It is through our five senses that these reach our very souls. Since ancient times, the wind has moved sandy soil, formed climates, controlled population movements and guided people in the creation of cultures. This work gives concrete visual expression to that invisible presence, sometimes passive, sometimes moving depending on the wind, making it changeable and highly unpredictable. It is my hope that this will allow visitors to "IWATANI Central Laboratory" and those who work there to feel first-hand the power of the wind, to focus on the movement of nature and interpret these messages from the Earth. Only then will this become a place where imagination takes flight.

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Cycle-90°"lingering memory"VI Cycle-90°"lingering memory"VI

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