wind driven

Cycle-90°"A premonition of wind" hu

Hung Kuang University
-Taichung / Tawan-

As seconds turn into minutes, and into hours, the flow of time becomes a cycle repeated ad infinitum.
Within this tedious repetition a magnificent drama unfolds,
and over the span of time is transformed little by little.
”Cycle 90” (Jointed Revolution) is physically propelled by wind and motor, perhaps in a quest for itself.
A wind powered creation
When without the wind, the cone lies motionless.
The upper and lower symmetrical.
In a gust of wind the cone falls 90°on it’s side
Like a windsock contradicting the wind.
Kinetic sculptures utilize light materials to help capture the wind and move freely; however, this piece changes that dynamic.
Rather, a figure in which through its calculated stability,
only the most subtle of movements are expressed. @

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